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STEFAN POPA POPA'S was born on June 11th 1955, in Caransebes, Romania. At the age of five he begins to draw on table cloths and curtains. At the age of seven, when his first cartoon is published in a regional newspaper, he calms his parents by beginning to draw on paper. At the age of 14 he published his first cartoon in the only humor magazine available in Romania under Ceausescu's regime and he starts to participate in national and International Salons. Due to trips in France facilitated by Mr. Henry Coursaget, President of the Festival in Confolens, he discovers the universal cartoon and starts his professional period.

In 1980 Popa's graduates from the Polytechnic Institute in Timisoara and becomes the official cartoonist at the Festival in Confolens and other international festivals.

In 1990 he wins a UNESCO scholarship, publishes the first satirical graphic art album. He meets and works side by side with great artists and cartoonists such as: Salvador Dali, Jerry Robinson(Superman's and Batman's author), Vasquez De Sola, Plantu, Emerson, La Palma, Tim, Morchoisne.

At the international Festival of Cartoon from Saint-Esteve (France) he breaks the world record for resistance (during 10 days and 10 nights he draws 1527 portraits in colors).
On October 17th 1995 he succseeds to break the world record for speed that belonged to the belgian Emile Robin (106 cartoons in one hour), making 131 cartoons in one hour and therefore, is declared the fastest cartoonist in the world; this record was homologated in the Guiness Book from the Phillippines. At the same festival he sucseeds to break his own record by making 2772 cartoons in color in 10 days and 10 nights and obtains the votes of the French public and tourists, who came to the International Festival from Saint-Esteve, for best resemblance between the cartoons and the models.
Due to all these results he is rewarded the title of Best man Baixa nom Briale. As the President of honor of the Romanian Cartoonists' Association he organizes all the professional salons from Romania. He has founded the first Museum of the Romanian Cartoon at the Castle from Maca (Arad)

Dali’s portrait, signed Popa’s 95, is included in the catalogue from the Museum Salvador Dali. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the humor magazine “Canard Enchaine”, he was invited to Sierre in Switzerland and to Forte dei Marmi in Italy. Invited by Hassan the second, King of Maroc, to the Bab Rouah Royal Court, in 1997. Invited to the Beethoven Festival, Ringstrasse Galery, Vienna, Prater, 1998. Official Cartoonist at the Olympiad from Atlanta, World Cup, 1998. Invited to the Tourism Fair from Berlin 1998, 1999 and to The World is Coloured Festival, Ingolstadt, Germany, 1999, 2000. Official Cartoonist at the Summits in Bucharest and Prague, 2002, Official Cartoonist at the 37th Chess Olympiad from Turin, 2006. Invited by the Romanian Academy to the International Session called Think Europe, where he drew presidents of academies from the entire world, Sinaia, 2002. In China, he receives the title The Best of the World for portrait, 2002. His works can be seen in famous museums such as the Ermitage from Sankt Petersburg.

Was decorated by the president Ion Iliescu with the title Knight of Honour in culture. Member of honour in the International Police Association. He colaborates as a teacher at the Vest University from Timisoara. Member of the Plastic Artists’ Union from Romania and of the Professional Plastic Artists’ Union. He has a permanent personal exhibition at the Victoria Pallace, Romania’s Government.

He is Citizen of Honour in 26 cities from Romania: Timisoara, Cluj, Caransebes, Dr.Turnu-Severin, Slatina, Ploiesti, Vaslui, Fagaras, Zalau, Gura Humorului, Mangalia etc.

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